December 12, 2011

Christmas tree free holidays

Home made X-mas deco

We decided not to buy a Christmas tree this year but to come up with an alternative.
And this is what our alternative tree looks like: white semi-sparkly (semi because about 50% of the sparkles rubbed off already, but wiping down sparkles is nothing compared to cleaning up pine needles...)  branches picture (store bought, which is silly, I know, but we have no garden and I can't myself running through Paris with pruning shears without getting myself into trouble).

Home made X-mas deco

We decorated our branches with homemade salt dough ornaments. The idea for the salt dough ornaments I got here. They were fun to make and cost next to nothing. A fun detail: we only had organic flour, which makes these ornaments totally ORGANIC!  How about that?!

Home made X-mas deco

We used cookie cutters, red inked stamps and lace for  the decoration of the ornaments and my favorite divine baker's twine for hanging them.

Home made X-mas deco

The pictures are of poor quality because they were shot at night and I still hate using a flash. They're not crisp and sharp as usual but a little blur suits the subject, I thought...

Home made X-mas deco


Nicole/Brussels said...

origineel, en is het niet de gedachte die telt?
Daarbij is het nog mooi ook, en werd er plezier aan beleefd bij het maken!

Nina said...

I'll be using branches too, but I hope to find them in the local woods... Your ornaments are really pretty. They look a lot like Laura Walker's amazing buttons - have you seen them?

Mimii said...

J'adore ces déco en pate à sel ! C'est une super bonne idée !!!

a m o u r e t t e said...

I think it looks beautiful and its a great DIY idea

vimla said...

looking good i also use branches with crocheted leaves on them for my deco

jane said...

fun! :):):)

Anonymous said...

we are using branches too the last years! and we decorate them just with lights! it's very beautiful!
i also liked your ornaments a lot!!!! simple & pretty!

JosephAlsarraf said...

Yum! A cookie tree, cookies don't grow on trees! Visiting from Google images. : )

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