February 3, 2012

Fabric love

Fabric love

I discovered this line of fabric at a crafts fair here in Paris a little while ago.
Annaka Bazaar carries the finest cotton imaginable, super soft.
The designs and colors are simply precious.
This is what I bought last week, when I visited their store in the Marais...
Make sure to check out the online store! It's definitely worth a visit!

Fabric love

Fabric love

Fabric love


Annie said...

So pretty. Can I ask what weight the cottons are ... I've looked at the site thinking of buying some but can't see weights there either.fainount

Annie said...

Oops, somehow my word verification word has turned up in my comment!

Seaweed and Raine said...

Mmmm. Those dots are so sweet!

Pascale said...

@Annie: I'm afraid I can't give the exact weight or thread count, but it's a very nice light weight cotton. Maybe try to contact Annaka Bazaar through their contact form for a more precise answer.

Annie said...

Thank you Pascale, I'll try that :D

Anonymous said...

Merci pour l'info :)

Tiaz said...

thank you for the link. such an inspiring blog you have here.

marta girardi said...

Hi, my name is Marta, I'm from Italy.
I've just found your blog... it's perfect for my aesthetic desire... I love sewing bags and your bags are really "poetical"
keep in touch

Numbing cream for tattoos said...

OOh , love the patterns

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