April 11, 2012

Euhm... another bracelet? Really!?

painted wooden bracelet

I hope you all had a nice Easter weekend.
Ours was a bit more quiet than expected, with one sick girl in the house. Quiet but nice.
I found time to go through some stuff of mine and that's when I discovered this bracelet. I think it came with a magazine a couple of years ago and I never really wore it if remember correctly, finding it a bit plain. Anyway, at the sight of it, a little voice in my head went 'craft - color - paint'.  A couple of hours later I ended up with this. I kind of like it.

painted wooden bracelet

Initially, I wanted the orange to be neon. It's the second time I tried the neon orange paint I got (Pébéo Studio Acrylics - #370 Fluo Orange), and again it let me down. For some reason, it doesn't adhere to anything. So, after at least four (five?) layers, I ended up mixing it with some other orange acrylic paint I still had. The color turned out ok, not as flashy as 100% fluo would have given me, but still flashy.
Besides orange, I used gold, still left from this project, silver and sand color. I just wish I'd been a bit more patient and had waited a little longer before applying painters tape to a rather fresh (dry to the touch, though) coat of gold. Some parts came off and I had to start all over again. Well, that explains the 'rustic' look. Let's just assume that I intended it that way.

 painted wooden bracelet

If you'd like to try this, all you need is a wooden bracelet, acrylic paint in a set of colors of your choice, painters tape, brushes and elastic - i.e. if you cut the original one to pieces like I did. Well, I guess I really wanted to use my neon orange elastic!

painted wooden bracelet

The process is kind of straightforward. Tape off areas, paint, let dry. Add another layer or two. Repeat for different colors, let dry and finally put back together with elastic.

Et voilà, another bracelet to add to the collection!!


" me " said...

i love this bracelet !

little red home said...

Hi Pascale, nice bracelet and colours.
Maybe if you paint a layer of white and than a layer of neon (on top)the colour would pop out more?

Lieschen-Mueller said...

its beautiful love your work!

Alice said...

This is really cool + It's sounds super easy to do !!!

Mirka said...

Amazing Bracelet! Well done! :)


cucicucicoo said...

oh that looks just lovely! i don't mind how it was in the first place, but you definitely improved it! :) lisa

Chase Clark said...

This is a great idea! I've had bracelets like this from time to time and have likewise found them a pleasing shape but too much of a big boring dark mass on my wrist. I love the way you painted it and will be sure to do the same when I run into another one!

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