May 9, 2012

Paris, je t'aime :: the day after

Random pictures from a random walk the day after the French presidential elections.

Blue Blanc Rouge
Blue Blanc Rouge


Hollande - Sarkozy :: le rassemblement 

Riverin Hollande
Riverin Hollande


Estrella Azul said...

Oh my gosh, now I miss Paris so much more!

jane said...

i always love your random shots. :)

Julay said...

Bleu Blanc Rouge
Not over yet... we are a bit fed up about politics right now... ^^

Nice pics... Street art invaded the town, for my greatest pleasure !!!!

Vicki said...

How exciting!

I leave for France on Saturday and can hardly sit still. I'll look for you on the streets of Paris next week! :o) and I'm hoping to find a great fabric shop while I'm there. Any suggestions?

Julay said...

@ Vicki : Subway station Anvers, ask for "le marché Saint Pierre"
It is the biggest one and there are others around.

Pascale said...

@ Vicki: As already said by Julay: Marché Saint-Pierre is the place to be for fabric!
Line 12 - Direction Porte de la Chapelle, metro stop Abesses will get you there as well. From there, take Rue Yvonne Le Tac which leads directly to Marché Saint-Pierre. Also, make sure to visit the store Petit Pan on n°10, rue Yvonne Le Tac!

J&Sdesign said...

wauw! love the photos! (: xx

vujo91 said...

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