May 1, 2012


Allemaal rokjes :: 1

We're in anticipation of Summer - which might never come - at least that's what it feels like right now. It's dark and grey again as I'm writing...

Anyway, chances are my Flemish and Dutch readers know this book by now. Yes, I'm talking about 'Allemaal rokjes' (literally translated it means 'all skirts') by Mme Zsazsa and Elza D, a fun book with different skirt patterns for moms and girls. The explanations are easy to follow, the patterns are great and the book is a fun read as such. Sewing won't become easier than this. Let's hope the book get's translated. Wat zou je daarvan vinden, Mme Zsazsa?!

I made this a-line skirt from the book for little H. last week. I made another one for M. as well, but 'the light' (read: the weather) has been so poor we didn't have a chance yet to take pictures. There are more skirts to follow, as we bought plenty of fabric, also last week. I might even try the A-line skirt pattern for myself. Unless... Vinde Gij Mijn Gat (Niet Te Dik In Deze Rok?)* I can't help thinking of that song in relation to skirts. My Flemish readers definitely know what I'm referring to...
The fit of this pattern, however, is great so I'm pretty confident. Usually when sewing for my girls I need to make alterations to make it work. Not here. In both cases the skirt fit like a glove.

And now, could we, please, get a little bit of sunshine around these areas...?

The details: The fabric is from Anna Ka Bazaar. The zipper is vintage. I kept it visible - intentionally - because I like the color. I used white popeline for the lining and - intentionally - made it pass at the top for a faux piping effect. The jacket is something old - I knit it a long time ago from a Debby Bliss book in my favorite Lambs Pride Yarn (which, unfortunately, I can't find around here).

* Don't you think (my butt looks fat in this skirt) - a hilarious song by the Clement Peerens Explosition, a Belgian parody rock band from the 90's.


Laura said...

Great skirts! Let's hope the book gets translated to English. :)

I love Lambs Pride Yarn too - unfortunate you can't buy it there.

beth lehman said...

i came across the name of the skirt book somewhere else.... i hope it gets translated, too. tell us if it does!! the skirt is adorable. a perfect fit!

Jacqui said...

I think that outfit would make sunshine even on a rainy day, the colours just shout "spring!" The skirt does look great - and it's really so much easier to make things for kids because they don't worry in the least about their bums looking big!

Natalia said...

Lovely skirt! So sunny for these rainy days :)

nicole/brussels said...

Zéér mooi, het truitje erbij staat prachtig. Zelf gebreid?

Annelies werkt ook met dit boekje, heb er door haar voor het eerst horen over praten op facebook!

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