June 14, 2012

Avril in June


No this is not another post complaining about the weather, though it could have been as Spring really... No, lets just not go there!


Avril simply is the name of some really nice yarn (thread?) I bought a long time ago at a crafts fair but which has remained untouched until now. Avril is a Japanese label for all natural yarns and thread. What I liked about mine is the subtle variegated color (and the way it's presented on a simple but stylish cardboard cone) - the base color is moss, but the tones range from khaki green to darkish grey almost. Lovely!


It's been sitting on my shelf for almost two years and I'm glad I remembered it when I was thinking about making friendship bracelets - I like knotting and I was looking for a fast little project in between... (euh, fast?! I'm still not done and I started it on Sunday.)


It combines really well with the tiny copper beads, I believe... it's nice to the touch and perfect for knotting.


Any little gems hidden in your closet?


Laura said...

I love the look of your friendship bracelet in more natural colours! Bright colours are fun but sometimes I'm not up for wearing super brights!

Therese said...

Totally agree with you, the subtle variations in the tones of colour on the cone are beautiful, it must be a real delight to work with. Your knotting work and the tiny copper buttons are a feast for the eyes.

Nicole/brussels said...

Vind dit zeer mooi, kleuren, als je het al kleuren mag noemen, zijn sober en mooi!
weer een staaltje van creativiteit, waar blijf jij dit halen!Hou van de bewerking, noem jij dat knopen? Denk eerder aan weven!

Seaweed and Raine said...

It's making a stunning friendship bracelet. Have you tried making a choker with it (Using the same little copper beads)? I think it would look amazing!
I found some vintage verigated blue/white cotton fine crochet cotton the other day... I might get inspired yet! :)

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