September 17, 2012

Leather and other thoughts

Leather stash Leather stash

People who have been following // Between the lines // over the years, know I like to work with leather and have integrated it into many of my crafts. It started with small pieces of leather found here and there but over time, as I gained confidence (or so I thought), I also started buying bigger pieces, and by bigger I mean real stretches of cow hides and pig skins and whatever animal skins.
This has resulted in a stash that gets more and more difficult to store or to 'hide' (oh, this is so lame!).
Once in awhile, I'll take out my stash just to look at it and feel it, smell it, but also to think about all the wonderful things I could make from it. And there's the problem. The possibilities are endless and so is my inspiration (have you seen my pin board on Pinterest, yet?), but once a specific project has been decided upon and started, there's no way back. Once you start cutting, you literally cut off the other options.  I don't like the idea of wasting my precious stash, however. That explains why I have leather but no finished projects. I just can't make up my mind. I'm stuck.

A lot of things in life are like that. No doubt there are more important decisions than which bag to make.
Choosing means giving up alternatives or other options, but also moving ahead, getting rid of what weighs you down.
Choosing somehow sets free.

Let's try to remember that...

Leather stash

Leather stash

Leather stash

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