November 29, 2012

No-sew Leather Pencil Case :: a DIY

No-sew Leather Pencil Case
I have been feeling slightly under the weather this week. A lack of energy, a cold, sleepy, headachy... and I got slightly frustrated about it. So many things I wanted to do. So many unfinished projects on my table and in my head...

No-sew Leather Pencil Case

At least, yesterday, I managed to get this one out of the way. Taking pictures, scanning and transferring the template actually took me much longer than finishing the project. [I actually enjoyed taking the pictures. Yesterday was a dark and grey day, a bit of a challenge if you want to take natural light pictures. Especially, when doing so past five o'clock. An opportunity to get my Lastolite screen out, which had been collecting dust ever since I got it, about two years ago. A shame, really, as this thing works!!] But let's get back to the pencil case:

No-sew Leather Pencil Case

This no-sew leather pencil case makes a perfect last minute gift. As usual, I chose for a minimalistic and sleek design. I used a sample of coffee with cream heavy weight leather and added my favorite fluo elastic thread (Rayher Gummifaden)to spice things up a bit. And it turned out just the way I like it, holding my favorite drawing pens! The elastics have a double function: they hold the pens into place as well as keep the pencil case closed. You can alter the template to fit bigger pens, or only two pens, you can add a slot to hold an eraser... You can just play around with it.

If you want to make one too, here are the - very brief - instructions.

No-sew Leather Pencil Case

You will need:

- a piece of leather, big enough to fit the template (note: if you can't find leather, you could also use heavy weight felt, a sheet of foam or vinyl)
- a hole punch or awl
- elastic thread
- a rotary cutter or scissors

No-sew Leather Pencil Case


1. Print and cut out template, which you can find here.
2. Transfer template onto leather and cut out.
3. Using template, transfer the positioning of the holes. Next, make holes with hole punch.
4. Thread elastic through the holes and tie a knot. And done!!

Ok and now let's get moving and catch up!!



No-sew Leather Pencil Case

No-sew Leather Pencil Case


Anh Le said...

This is actually a really cool idea. But I'm just a bit doubting how firm it can be to keep the pen not to drop off the case.

Pascale said...

As surprising as it may seem, the side flaps and elastics do a really good job at keeping everything into place. Also, the pencil case is constructed in such way that there is sufficient overlap between the flaps. So far, I have been pretty pleased with the design... ; )

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I will try it too! But what is the best length of the elastic thread?

greetings from Simone

Pascale said...

@Simone: It depends on the size of the pencil case, thickness of the leather and the type of elastic you use, but as a general rule of thumb: insert the elastic without the pens, making sure it goes around the pencil case without stretching but also without being loose. Cut off and tie a knot. This way the pens will stay put and you will get a snug fit of the elastic around the case.

Nicole/brussels said...

zeer mooi, love it :-)

Sewing Princess said...

Lovely idea! Where do you find leather?

Anonymous said...

Love this.

online florists said...

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Anonymous said...

You can get leather at any craft store. I know Joann's has a pretty good supply.

Anonymous said...

Please reupload the template. Thank you.

Rebecca Stringer said...

Hi, is there any chance that you can re-upload the template? I figured out the general shape and cut my leather out, but I'm a bit stuck at figuring out where to punch the holes & how they wrap around the case. :( Thanks so much - this is such a lovely idea - I'm making 2 for my brother-in-laws!!

Avril Ivan said...

So cute DIY project. I will do it for my kids.

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