March 17, 2013

A touch of Fendi :: Fold-over clutch

A touch of Fendi fold-over clutch

A touch of Fendi fold-over clutch

A touch of Fendi fold-over clutch

A touch of Fendi fold-over clutch

I finished my 'Fendi' color block fold-over clutch over the weekend - and I really, really l o v e it!
Everything went well on this project, maybe because I took my time for a change.
All the leather parts were hand-sewn.
I particularly like the off-setting 'Rose Jaipur' leather piping - I happen to have peep-toe high heel sandals in the exact same color! Unlike fabric piping often, the leather piping was extremely easy to make and work with.
Inside the clutch there's a fabric lining, with a zippered pocket. This is perhaps the only detail I'm not entirely happy with. It turns out I put it in too low, which makes it a little deep and hard to reach.
The clutch closes with a magnetic snap.
In case you were wondering, all leather used is scrap 'Hermes' leather which I buy in bulk at a local retailer.

I got my inspiration here. For more bag inspiration check out my board on Pinterest.


mina dotter said...

You love it? I love it! My god, so beautiful!

Donatella M. said...

Love the color combination - Love the shape - Love the piping - love it all!

Frances said...

What a lovely creation this is. A true couture one of a kind...just perfect in design, colors and executuion.

Bravo! xo

Sofie said...

I am so happy to have found your blog! I love your work and creations! I am very inspired by the tutorials. I really appreciate the leather details and creations you make!
All the best!

floortje said...

beautiful!! amazing!

season said...

Simply beautiful.

Anonymous said...

C'est trop trop beau le sac!
S'il vous plait, voulez-vous partager le nom de votre fournisseur pour le cuir?

Cindy said...

love the colors, pascale!

nicole/brussels said...

Zeer mooi deze clutch, is volop mode, mooie afwerking, perfect!

Lisette Mensink said...

Pascale, I love the clutch, the shape, the colors, everything about it! I tried to enter your pinterest board, but the link didn`t work. Coulp you give it again?


Pascale said...

The link has been updated. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Lisette!

Josina said...

The colour combination and finishing are just perfect, there is much to be said for taking one's time - very impressive

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