March 3, 2013


Striped Coin Purse

First of all, thanks for your comments, both online and offline, on my previous post! I really appreciated your suggestions. A strap would definitely make more sense if I want to get more use out of my bag. But,
for now, I guess I'll leave it as it is. Until I'm absolutely sure. I really like the way it looks now, so better safe than sorry... for now...

Striped Coin Purse

There's been more leather works going on here. I made these yesterday afternoon. The same as the previous set I made - they're all gone so I wanted to stock up on them again. All four are hand sewn.
I really got the hang of it. As a matter of fact I find it less stressful than sewing on the machine, as you only get one chance with leather... 
I added a little bit of 'peps' this time, by painting a neon stripe on the white ones and a silver one on the blue and coffee ones.

They'll be available in my Etsy shop later on this week.
Wishing you a great week!

Striped Coin Purse
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