April 18, 2013

Chains and leather

My latest creation: a purse with a chain strap.

Chain and leather purse

Chain and leather purse

I made this purse from two pieces of leather scrap I had, in a nice weathered brown. The leather is heavy weight, but turned out to be buttery soft - a dream to work with!
For the shape I chose a simple rectangle as I was limited by the small amount of leather I had.
For the flap I kept the rough selvedges and I didn't mind the tiny whole the leather had.
On the inside, I made a small pocket (the right size to hold my cell phone) and I added a strap with clasp for holding keys as well.

Chain and leather purse

Chain and leather purse

I found the heavy and well made brass chain, at a local jewelry making supply store. It wasn't cheap but well worth it.
The tabs holding the chain are integrated in the side seams.

Chain and leather purse

Chain and leather purse

I'm not sure if I should add any detail on the flap or not, nor if I should add a snap or other closure. I think I will do a test run with the purse as is. I like simplicity and a minimalistic look, especially with nice leather like this.

The purse is entirely hand stitched with linen thread. Since the thread wasn't waxed I used beeswax to wax it myself, which worked really well.

I will do a post on how to hand sew leather some time soon, going deeper into some tricks and skills and addressing the tools needed.


Alison said...

It's stunning! I love the simplicity. What type of machine do you use to sew on leather. (you didn't hand sew the whole thing, did you?)

Pascale said...

Yes, as a matter of fact, I did! It's entirely hand sewn - this may sound more difficult than it actually is. I'm planning a post on how to hand sew leather. It should be up some time soon...

RaspberrySunshine said...

Lovely work as usual :) I really enjoy reading your blog and learn quite a bit from it. I would love to read more about how you hand sew leather. I have an industrial walking foot that I hope to use to make leather and canvas bags, but hand sewing is where I want to start!


YarnOnTheHouse said...

That is truly beautiful! Simple, yet perfect. I actually like the plain front. Your hand work is stunning! I look forward to a post about hand sewing. :)

Alison said...

Your stitching is very beautiful and so uniform! I look forward to your hand stitching post. I've been wanting to try making leather items, but have been so intimidated.

Beth said...

I LOVE this bag.

Veronika Fischer said...

Love your blog and the great styke your bags and other products very much! Also like the tutorials which indeed inspire to make something out of beautiful leather!

Imby said...

you have inspired me to give working with leather a go, thankyou for your lovely photos and beautiful crafts'woman' ship! :0)
Imby x

Caitlin said...

Lovely! I've been a fan of your pared down style for a while.

Do you mind me asking how you attached the chain to the ring? I'm working on a project with a chain strap as well and love the way yours looks. My jewelry store suggested a split ring, but I don't like the way it looks very much.

vrinda said...

I just found your blog..love it !
you sew leather so well ...do you do that by hand or machine ?
I'd love to work work leather but it looks intimidating.

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