July 27, 2013

Triangle open back shirt

Triangle open back shirt :: a DIY

Things are a bit slow around here but we're fine, enjoying our summer.
And summer it is! Man, it's been hot around here - I can't remember it being this hot!
Luckily, we were able to spend a few days away at the beach:
- reading (I finally finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn - a disappointing read),
- making bracelets,
- swimming,
- sipping cool home made hibiscus & cranberry juice tea (so good!!)
- making a lovely little purse (more about that later)
- and crafting this shirt for M.
She'd seen a similar one, ridiculously expensive, at a boutique here in Paris. We both agreed this was something we could easily whip together ourselves!
The result you see below - she's been wearing it like this or over a tank top in a contrasting color.
Both are equally nice.

So, grab those scissors!!

Triangle open back shirt :: a DIY


Jocelyn said...

Very cool! I love that it is flirty and fun but still modest. Such an easy project with a big impact!

Andrea said...

Love this shirt. Can even be done for more "plus sized shirts

Juliette said...

Like it!

tami said...

nice idea! thanks for sharing-

Anastasia Gribach said...

like this idea! new life to old shirt!))


Seaweed and Raine said...

Hey Pascale! So glad you are making the most of summer. Loving the t-shirt. I agree with Jocely - "...flirty and fun but still modest" Very cool for summer. Is 35 too old for something like this? (Don't tell M!!!) lol
Sheree x0x

nicole/brussels said...

zeer mooi gedaan, leuke TShirt

Christine said...

This is fantastic!

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