September 30, 2013

Colorful four strand round braid bracelets :: DIY

Four strand round braid bracelets

It's Fall. That's what the calendar says.

And even though it's probably about time to shed those summer bracelets, today, I'm going to show you some bracelets we've enjoyed making and wearing this Summer: four strand round braided bracelets.
You're probably familiar with the leather version of these bracelets - and that's actually how I got started. But one night I ran out of leather lace and I decided to give it a try with Scoobie Doo strands - to much approval from my girls the next morning.

Four strand round braid bracelets

Colorful, simple to make once you've got the hang of it, and very low cost.
So, if you want to hold on to that summer feeling for just a tiny bit longer, I recommend making a couple of these...

Four strand round braid bracelets

You will need: Scoobie Doo strands, 2 per bracelet.

Summarized and labeling each strand from left to right with a letter (A, B, C and D) the process boils down to the  repetition of the following 4 steps:

Four strand round braid bracelets

Four strand round braid bracelets

Four strand round braid bracelets

Four strand round braid bracelets

Four strand round braid bracelets

Repeat these four steps until the braid is long enough to fit around your wrist (or ankle). To lock the braid, tie a knot with one strand around the other three. 

Four strand round braid bracelets

To tie around your wrist pull two strands through the loop and tie in a knot with the other two!If the pictures aren't clear enough, I found this video tutorial to be very instructive and easy to follow. I use two strands folded in half instead of four, making sure to leave a loop at the top.

Note: in the pictures I taped the braid down. However, there is no need to do that - I did so because I needed to make a 'snapshot' of every step. It's much easier if you hold the braid between your fingers just like you do when braiding hair, for instance.

Four strand round braid bracelets

Four strand round braid bracelets


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