September 10, 2013










A few more purses I made over Summer.
Just the right size to hold a phone, keys and some money.
Instructions can be found here.

Note: The dimensions of the purses above correspond to the ones given in the instructions - the bag in the previous post was made slightly bigger.


lightbluegrey said...

ik zie hier prachtige kleuren, inclusief lightbluegrey achtergrond ;)

O carteira vazia said...
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Laurence W said...

Lovely colours !

nicole/brussels said...

Mooi,mooie kleuren alsook stijlvolle afwerking. I like those bags

Vivika Vaina said...

oh, it's lovely! The slightly pink one is my favorite! Thanks for the link!

Rosa said...

Super cool!

René Schmidt said...

Where can i find at pattern for this?

Edie Jams said...

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Ianroniel Baluyut said...

Well thanks for linking us with the pattern/instruction, I really really love to make some, I'll look forward for it, can't wait.

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Stephanie Goodrich said...

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Anonymous said...

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The Maids of Warwick New York said...

This was so easy to make. I'll be making some for my officemates.

Reliable Writing Help said...


These are such lovely purse! Thanks for the share


katie smith said...

Lovely purses.Such a nice color combination. Good work. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

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Ariyan Islam said...

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