November 20, 2008

Couleurs locales

If it's gray outside, let's bring in some color myself, I thought! These pictures were taken in the Montmartre area and at the Place or Marché St-Pierre, on a slightly sunnier day, I admit. It's a nice and colorful neighborhood, even on a gray autumn day.
If you are (or are not!) in need of fabric or anything related then the area around Place St.-Pierre is the place to be with Dreyfus - Marché St.-Pierre probably the most famous and largest store, but many smaller and equally interesting stores can be found in the surrounding streets. Looking for upholstery, silk for an evening gown, cotton for a summer dress, oilcloth, linen... you name it, you'll find it here.

And now we're talking about sewing anyway, here's another store I really like and where I can't leave without buying at least a piece of ribbon: L'entrée des fournisseurs (pictures below), near Place des Vosges. They carry the most beautiful ribbons, gorgeous (wooden, bone, vintage,...) buttons, yarn, fabric (liberty - really expensive!, and linen), felt, patterns, ... And everything is displayed so beautifully here and makes worth the visit!

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