November 21, 2008

Doll - part two

The doll is finally ready and has been delivered today to the birthday boy, and this thanks to my girls! They both encouraged me to finish it when I felt more like giving up on this one. They helped me through the whole process with advice and little hints and comments like: "Mommy, when will you ever be happy with what you make. It looks great. Stop criticizing yourself, just continue". I guess they are right. I should stop doing that. And I believe the result is, well, OK. Really OK! As usual, I had a lot of trouble with the hair. It looked horrible at first - I put hair in every single hole of the crocheted cap. Not the way to do it, I realized! So, I plucked quite a few hairs out and gave the whole wig a trim. I won't sum up everything else that didn't work the way I wanted. The clothes do a pretty good job at hiding it. I actually like the pants. They were made from an old pair of jeans of M.. A perfect match with little A.'s pair of jeans. He turned two today. Happy birthday, A.! And good luck Nina and Alfonso with the "terrible twoes"!
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