November 11, 2008

Hi, Daddy!

So, what have the girls have been up to today?

* Tidying up the house a little (humpf).
* Listening to Jamie Liddell's new release, JIM; we all three love it, turned up the volume (yes!) and listened to it over and over again.
* H. has been sunbathing in her room (for just about 10 min), while
* M. was reading in her bedroom.
* M. had a play date with her new friend, Lina! They had great fun, listened to Lina's Ipod and ate lots of chouquettes...
* H. painted and made a wish list for Santa Claus (hope Santa didn't suffer too much from the financial crisis...).
* We got REALLY soaked in less than a minute when we brought Lina downstairs to meet with her mom in the courtyard. The girls had a good laugh at it and me too.
* Tonight we'll watch a movie and pop some corn... (surprise - not the pop corn but the movie - I hope they'll like it.)

What about you, daddy?
P.S.: The girls miss you...
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