November 9, 2008

"My Toyota is fantastic"

I got back to sewing last Friday. Not that I didn't have more important stuff to do (I'll spare you the list). But I got tired of looking at that ugly, white, flimsy, plastic cover over my sewing machine. So, I cut open the cover - the thing was bound to rip anyway, sooner or later. This of course meant that now I really had to move ahead with my plan. And an ambitious plan it was. I wanted to keep the opening in the back of the original cover so I could still get to the grip of the machine. I wanted it to be lined (who lines a sewing machine cover? - well, I do!) and I wanted to decorate it somehow. All this in just a couple of hours, as that was all the time I had. I found two pieces of fabric in my stash that worked well together, I thought. Only problem - the lining fabric was not wide enough, which I only found out after cutting the outer fabric. So, I further cut down the cover. There was some heavy geometry involved (glad to see that at least that part of my brain isn't out of business yet) and everything worked out nicely. I didn't have to redo a single seam or stitch, not even on the tricky opening in the back.
As I was sewing along, I all of a sudden remembered a poem by Paul Van Ostayen: "Huldegedicht aan Singer". I used a couple of sentences from it (I want a Singer ... Singer's sewing machine is the best) and since my sewing machine is not a Singer, I wanted to make that clear as well. There! I had my decoration! An elastic in the hem, and now... I don't need a Singer... "My Toyota is fantastic"!
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