December 19, 2008

Christmas break, finally!

I'm glad the Christmas break finally is here. We so much are in need of a little break over here. I'm just off the antibiotics, feeling OK again. K. hasn't been feeling well for about a whole week now. He still has a couple of days in the office before he can take some time off. Little H. actually missed her last day of school. She came down with a fever on Thursday night (luckily that was after her Christmas recital in school, which she had been looking forward to so much), and told us she was "épuisée". And sure she was: she fell asleep on the sofa, was even too tired to have dinner. She stayed home from school on Friday, still sleepy and not hungry at all (which is very unlike her...). Today, however, she woke up just fine and I'm really happy about that. Now I keep my fingers crossed Margot won't get sick as both sisters like to share, even their glass of juice... They helped themselves this morning and prepared their own breakfast: one glass of juice and two straws! How sisterly cute...

I've added some pictures of (a selection of) the creations the girls brought home from school. They've done some cool things this term. I particularly like H.'s skeleton and body book - a project they've been working on in English class for several weeks. I can only say she has an incredibly good teacher! The body facts she came home with, the songs, rhymes and poems, the skeleton (did you notice the lungs - little balloons!) - really great! M. went to the "Musée Bourdelle" and made the head (I couldn't find the proper word, but I'm sure you know what I mean) out of clay during the on-site atelier they had afterward. I just love it! That's just another thing I like about breaks: the little treasures they bring home from school!

Finally, I'd like to conclude with this quote I read in an editorial today, from the French scientist and philosopher Lavoisier (1743-1794): "rien ne se perd, rien ne se crée, tout se transforme". I found this a very interesting thought - in the article it was used in the context of how we, humans, deal with the Earth and its resources. Just think about it...

Have a fun and relaxing weekend!

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