December 21, 2008

Kitchen science lab

Santa came a little early this year. Mommy Santa and Daddy Santa couldn't wait any longer, I guess... The girls were really happy with the presents they found under the tree this morning. An absolute topper was the experiment kit Santa brought for M. - something K. spotted while we were out hunting for Christmas presents over lunch break a couple of weeks ago. Both girls have been into "experiments" lately with all my glass jars disappearing into their rooms, filled up with, well, stuff: liquid stuff, colorful stuff, even yukky stuff. With this kit I won't have to go look in their rooms anymore for a jar with lid when making a vinaigrette. The science kit included, among other equipment, testing tubes and litmus paper strips. We almost ran out of litmus paper as we've been "experimenting" for a major part of our Sunday morning. The whole family got fascinated by these little pieces of paper changing color. Tomato juice, vinegar, olive oil, coffee, vinegar combined with baking soda, salty water, coke, milk, apple juice,... you name it, we've tested it! Fun and exciting!!

Another fun thing Santa brought was this pompom maker. Some pink-purple pompoms have found their way into our Christmas tree already... No need to worry anymore about a lack of Christmas decorations ...
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