December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays!

I'd like to show off some final holiday crafting for this year. I finished this needle felted pouch last night. The heart-design complements the cover-design of the "poeziealbum" inside. Our cousin Rio had a little "poeziealbum" on her wishlist and I truly hope she likes this one. A "poeziealbum" can best be described as a friendship book which kids pass along to their friends who then make a drawing or write a little poem dedicated to the owner of the book - we used to do this long time ago when we were kids and apparently kids still do so in Belgium. Not in France though, given the difficulty I had to find one here...This one still needs to get wrapped this afternoon and then packed with all the other presents and stuff we need to take with us tomorrow.

Signing off for the week now, and the year, I wish all of you Happy, Happy Holidays! I'll be back on my little blog in 2009 and hopefully so will you!! Cheers!
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