January 5, 2009

// Happy 2009 !! //

Everything is back to normal here - well, sort of, as right now it's snowing outside my window. Paris is covered in white and even more beautiful than usual. I hope I'll be able to sneak out today with my camera ...

We had a great and relaxing Christmas break, spent the holidays with family and friends and the days in between at the seaside. It's been exceptionally cold and exceptionally sunny the entire break with temperatures consistently below zero. The beach was covered in frost, the sand too hard to build castles with (poor girls), but we had lots of fun playing silly games in the dunes. We even watched fire works and a bonfire on the beach, while eating freshly grilled sprat and potato in the peel. Soooo yummy! To my surprise, even the kids loved it!

And now, we're in 2009! I'm not sure what this year will bring us. Some change maybe/ hopefully...? I'll keep you posted at this particular spot. In the meantime I wish you the very best for a happy, healthy and exciting year!!
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