January 20, 2009

January 20th, 2009

... inauguration day of Obama! The world is watching... And so will we!
But also: Daddy's birthday!! Double hurray!

The girls have been really busy in anticipation of their Daddy's birthday. Last week they've secretly made this banner, a tradition by now in our household. I love the little details. Did you see the glasses? A little inside joke, as K. has been complaining about his sight lately. They found it hilarious when he couldn't read the instructions on a package of rice noodles last week. Hence, the glasses!

Also last week, they've made this painting. Together, we browsed through "The weekend artist"-book to find the concept. They decided to use the stamping method, using a plastic yogurt cup and an empty spice jar. M. came up with the idea of adding crosses -- kisses! -- in the center. Doesn't it look great? I only helped them painting the background. Everything else is theirs - including the choice of colors! Of course, they couldn't wait giving it, excited as they were, so he got the painting over the weekend, as an early gift.

Me, however, I didn't come up with anything yet, I'm afraid...Bad planning, again!

So, what about lunch today? Just the two of us...

Update: I did find something! Cool, isn't it! Thanks to One Pretty Thing I discovered the Obamicon.me site where you can create these. Check it out!

Happy birthday!


nicole said...

is dit de persoon dat ik denk dat het is ??

nicole said...

meisjes proficiat, zo'n mooie "banner " frisse kleurtjes en vooral het schilderijtje vind ik prachtig , dacht zelfs dat jullie mama het geschilderd had :-)

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