January 22, 2009

A place in the rain

Turn off the TV and turn off the light
Turn off the street lamps as well
Turn off the billboards that scream through the night
And dream the policemen to Hell
Close all the windows and close all the doors
Close all the shutters and blinds
Close down the churches and pray to the whores
Lay down and then close your eyes
It's amazing what comes into view
As we're finally breaking the chains
When the temperature rises
We'll go to our place in the rain
Take down the pictures and take out the trash
Take up the tattered old rugs
Take up the mattress and count all the cash
And laugh with the last of the drugs
Burn all the papers and burn all the wood
Burn what we can't understand
Run up a flag for the old neighbourhood
Sit back and then take my hand
It's amazing what lovers can do
With just a kiss and a glass of champagne
When the rivers run dry
We can go to our place in the rain
Pay off the piper and pay all the bills
Pay for the getaway car
Blow out the candles and head for the hills
Pray that we make it that far
Run from the poison and run from the flames
Run from the maddening crowd
Laugh at the whispers of who'll take the blame
And sing all the sinners out loud
It's amazing what crazy can do
When every good citizen's sane
When heaven's a desert
We'll go to our place in the rain
It's amazing what comes into view
When you just connect your heart back to your brain
When heaven's a desert
We'll go to our place in the rain

"A place in the rain"
, Joe Jackson from the album RAIN

1 comment:

nicole said...

Wat een mooie tekst , dacht dat het uit één of ander wat melancholische roman kwam ! Nooit in verste verte niet aan Joe Jackson gedacht !Passende foto, mooi gebracht !

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