January 8, 2009

"La petite souris"...

...will have to stop by tonight.
Little H. lost her first tooth this afternoon, with a tiny little help from the dentist, I admit (we were at the dentist for M.'s braces to be tightened). But that's only a minor detail. Helena is as proud as ever (and so are we). Makes me only realize our girls are growing up. Fast. Too fast even, I believe.
And so, now we're waiting for "la petite souris" to show up. No Tooth Fairy here in France but a little mouse. And according to Helena la petite souris has little butterfly wings. This she came up with when I told her I hoped the mouse's little feet wouldn't freeze off or get stuck in the snow or ice - not exactly a nice thing to say for a mommy to an excited little girl who just lost her first tooth. But H. has a huge imagination and promptly accessorized the little mouse with little wings. The cold weather is definitely no excuse for the little mouse not to show up!
And hence, tonight, I had to go through the goodies I keep at hand to find something suitable for a little mouse to carry, and which would also make my little girl happy.
The dentist, of course, had no idea mommy wasn't prepared...
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