January 9, 2009

A splurge...?

Not really.
You guessed it. I went to the sales yesterday. I was in need of a winter coat. Really! Except for the short winter jacket I bought last year, I was still wearing the "before-California" era stuff. Old stuff, that means. So, I went out yesterday, spotted a couple of things I thought I liked, showed them to K. over his lunch break, only to hear that maybe I should spend a little more time looking unless I wanted to look like the Michelin-guy. So that's what I did. I took my time. No pressure. And I found this (weathered) leather coat I'm so happy with. It was on sale at a posh store. A store where I wouldn't dare to enter unless (even?) during the sales. (At some point, one of the posh ladies shopping at that store thought I was a sales person - got the picture?). It's like it was meant to be, though. Not only did I find this coat, in the right size and the right color, it was affordable too. I actually couldn't believe it. About the same amount as what I would have had to put down for a regular fabric winter coat on sale.

I'm so happy with my new winter coat!
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