January 13, 2009

Valentine :: Be ready!

I know it's a bit early to start about Valentine's day, but this time I want to be prepared. No last minute gift making! For the past five years or so I have crafted a little Valentine's gift for each of my girls. And yesterday I worked on my first Valentine project for this year. No pictures yet, as I'm not completely done with it and because M. happens to read my blog from time to time. All I can tell is that it involved fabric, ribbons, a photo, iron transfer paper, colored pencils and markers and a couple more things that I can't remember right now. One hint maybe: gri-gri. No, I'm not taking my girls rock climbing -- I'm too afraid of heights! Because of its clutch, gri-gri in French also refers to an accessory mainly women or girls attach to their purse or bag. Voilà! That's all I can tell right now.

But I can show you some of my previous creations. Last year, I made a personalized collage on canvas for each of my girls. They absolutely loved it and still do!

More pictures of previous projects will follow, I promise.
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