January 14, 2009

Weekend artist

I hesitated for a long time about posting this picture. But what the heck! I probably made a fool of myself already, anyway! So, here we go. It's there! Right in front of you.
I painted this a while back -- somewhere late November, I believe it was. Originally, I planned this painting as a Christmas gift for K. but I spilled the beans way before the holidays. I had been wanting to try something with paint for the longest time ever. And then I found this book: The Weekend Artist, by Gary Smith. The subtitle says it all: "creative inspiration, techniques and simple projects to unleash your inner artist" (hum). I discovered the use of gel medium and got a little carried away I'm afraid. I used a little (way?) too much of the stuff, I believe, so the right hand side part looks a little too shiny in my opinion and hence made it really tough to photograph. (That and poor light -- but I gave up. Lets label this under beginner's mistakes -- both the gel medium and photograph). It was actually really fun doing. A bit like frosting a cake. I didn't paint it on the weekend, though, but during the week in between cleaning sessions (allowing the paint to dry...). I got inspired by the paintings of Mariangeles Soto-Diaz, artist, friend and former neighbor. I really love her artwork. All of it! You should check it out.

And so now, for the time being, this painting is hanging right in front of where I'm sitting to write this post.
Call it one bare wall covered...
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