January 16, 2009

Sewing too

"What's so interesting about an apple, bread, a plate and coffee?" That was H. yesterday when she saw me taking this picture. She's right. Nothing. But that wasn't what this picture was about. I just wanted to take a picture of the napkin with the napkin ring her sister made. M. made it the night before. She'd disappeared again in her room, but not to write, read or draw this time, but to sew! And it was a present for ME! Just like that. For no reason. Though initially meant to be a bracelet, we decided to re-purpose it as a napkin ring -- I guess I have big hands. I thought it was really cute. She made it with things she found in her own stash -- the piece of fabric came with a jar of jam someone offered me, the flower she got from her aunt. She even threaded the needle herself.

I think it goes really well with the table set my mom sent me a couple of years ago for my birthday.
So, thank you M.! Thank you so much!
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