January 17, 2009

Wilted green

Wilted green III
I did it again. I killed it. The plant, I mean. I don't have green fingers. That's the least thing one could say. I do like plants, though, and flowers. The different shades of green...

Listing all the plants that died under my care (!??) and lawns that turned patchy and the color of rust, would be too painful.
Now, we have only one plant left. I moved it a little closer to the dinner table, so after dinner I can empty the kids' water glasses in its dirt. It didn't grow much since we got it, but it didn't die either.
The only plants that ever worked well with me were the succulents I kept on a small table near our entrance door, back in California. But then, what can go wrong with succulents?
I wonder how they're doing...
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