March 13, 2009

Kitchen Utensils on Black

It all started with an invite to post one of my egg pictures in the "ART for Kitchen and Dining room"-group on Flickr. Just reading the name of the group and I found myself instantly in the kitchen, grabbing things to make photographs of.
So, here's a small selection of the many, many pictures I took of a whisk, a skimmer, a grater and a strainer.

Whisk 1

Whisk 2
Now, can you think of a better tool to make nice creamy and swirly batter with than a whisk?? With "swirl" being this week's word of the week at "Inspire me Thursday", by taking these pictures, I already had my contribution ready without knowing it...

Skimmer 3

Skimmer 2

Skimmer 1

Grater 2

Grater 1

Strainer 2

Strainer 1
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