March 11, 2009


Eggs 13

Eggs 17

Eggs 18

Eggs 14

Eggs 6

Eggs 10

In case you were wondering: these aren't real eggs - eggs are a big no-no, still, in our household because of one of our kids' allergies. They're handmade porcelain eggs. I first got one of these at Loulou Addict last summer, as a birthday present for a friend. And then, in January, I was able to buy a full set of four ON SALE!! I couldn't resist. They came in a real egg carton, and have been made in an environmentally friendly way (see label).
Aren't they cute? They're actually "soliflores vases" - vases for little flowers... like these yellow Forsythia.

As Easter is getting closer I figured these photographs could maybe get us into the mood a little...

Eggs 20

Eggs 19


cindy : quaint said...

your photos look absolutely fantastic! i'm ready for easter, now!

ELK said...

how delightful these "eggs" are!
I think your blog is so beautiful ...ELK

nicole/brussels said...

Mooie foto's en wat een leuke vaasjes , echt iets voor Pasen , en vooral met gele bloempjes !

jane said...

I love them! Leave it to the French to come up with making a vase out of an egg shell...

karen m. said...

Your series of photos made me smile. Real eggs...with openings? No, clever, darling, little vases! What a treat! They are super spring-y, especially with the lovely flowers "sprouting" in the shells.

blue moss said...

your photos are so beautiful...they make be love these even more than i would
i love visiting your blog....adding it to my list so i will be back more often :)

Francesca said...

These photos are BEAUTIFUL! I keep looking at them, and can't decide which one I like the best. Amazing how something so simple as an egg can be made look so stylish and beautiful (with skill, ok!).

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