April 28, 2009


I had another dental appointment today. Before you start thinking I have bad teeth: I don't - I just needed a couple of old fillings (close to 20 years old, I believe they were) replaced. No major dental works. And the good thing is, I have a great dentist! Very professional, gentle and no endless waiting in her waiting room. But still, I thought I deserved a little reward - the remainder of the laundry from our trip could wait another day. I decided to take (part of) the afternoon off and slipped my camera in my purse.

As the dental office is close to Place Trocadéro I headed back over there after. It's always fun to watch the tourists taking countless pictures and the vendors trying to sell their small replica's of the "Grande Dame". And I must admit that even though I no longer consider myself a tourist, I still like to watch the Eiffel Tower myself (the nicest view according to me of the Eiffel Tower, you actually get when you cross the Seine on metro line 6 between the Bir Hakeim and Passy stations - gorgeous!).

No "manifs" today on Trocadéro, and more vendors than tourists near "La Grande Dame" it seemed like (France has been seriously hit by the recession with about 20% less tourists than normally this time of the year). As I was standing there, however, I noticed the other "dames", how beautiful they were in this weird April light - the "dames" on the sides of "Le Palais de Chaillot". How frustrating it must be, not to get noticed, dominated by this huge and skinny iron structure. I wanted to put that straight and see how my new lens would do.

I'm not quite there yet with my DOF (depth of field), as you can see, but the statues of the Palais de Chaillot did make it slightly to the foreground...
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