May 1, 2009

May 1st

Today is May 1st or Labour Day, traditionally a public holiday (the first one in a long row during the month of May) in France and most part of Europe on which the social and economic achievements of the labor movement are celebrated. Traditionally, it's a day of labor movement and socialist party manifestations and it won't be any different this year in light of the worldwide recession we're currently in.

May 1st is also the day on which people in France (and Belgium and probably other countries as well) give each other "des muguets" - lily of the valley - considered to be a "porte-bonheur". We got ours this morning at the neighborhood market. And our favorite bakery just offered a twig to everyone buying in their store today!
I love the smell of lily-of-the valley and I found them look cute in this little green vintage bottle I had. Just the perfect size! The girls put theirs in a little glass jar in their room, though I'm not sure H. will be able to find them at the end of the day as she's creating a big mess in there!

And now, I'm heading out as the weather is lovely here - perfect 1st May weather. I hope you have a wonderful first of May, whether you're at work today or have the day off!!
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