August 25, 2009

Going abstract again...

I still have a soft spot for abstract photography. I love it when "abstracts" just happen. Like here, when we went on a day trip with friends to explore the Beaufort03 art exhibit (more about that later, maybe - really cool exhibit by the way!!).

Just a bunch of stacked fences... They made my day.

follow the light
the light playing between stacked fences

different light play when the sun's hiding

outer end of same fences


cindy said...

your abstract photos are exceptional! you have a wonderful eye! i really like the last one, the green.

Andrea said...

Pascale, what cool photos. I love the dappled light in the first one.

And oh my, what a back to school heart attack in your recent post. And to miss out on crepes and chocolate milk? Le sigh!

Anonymous said...

These photos are outstanding. Thanks for sharing these.

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