August 24, 2009

Light house :: filtered

One evening, near the end of our stay, I left the apartment equipped with my camera, tripod and a rain jacket. I wanted to go take pictures of the lighthouse I'd spotted that afternoon in the neighboring beach town. "I'll be back before you're in bed", I promised the girls before heading out.
Well, ... no need to tell what happened. I got a little carried away, I'm afraid...

The light house I initially planned taking pictures of - I couldn't find the right angle nor the right spot to make pictures of it at its full length... however...

... there was a light house on both piers right in front of it, too...

same thing in black and white

almost as if taken on a film set... where's Ingrid Bergman??

The three pictures above were taken with the ND filter I got recently. My first long exposure pictures. I'm still not sure which one(s) I like best, the one in color or the ones in black and white. There's something surreal about the black and white shots, I find. Almost as if they were taken in a studio somewhere, not on a windy pier.

What I like about long exposure shots in general, is how everything gets flattened out, becomes smooth and silky. What looks like a dead calm sea, as flat as a tabletop, was a stormy sea in reality.

Isn't that exactly what the human mind does - getting rid, over time, of details and excess information - just keeping the broad picture?

For more pier pictures click here.
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