August 23, 2009

We're back...

... from our most relaxing summer holiday in years!! No packing and/nor unpacking of moving boxes this year as was the case the two previous summers. Just some REAL quality time at the seaside, with lots of friends and family visiting. Just perfect! And though the weather can be rather unpredictable at the Belgian coast, we were lucky in that respect too - for the entire two weeks!

Of course I took plenty of pictures, some of which I'll post here or in my Flickr stream in the days to come.

Since I'm still a bit in beach mode, here's a first small sample:

Paper flowers

paper flowers

The girls had lots of fun making, selling and buying paper flowers on the beach. I used to do this when I was their age, and to my surprise thirty-something years later this is still "hot" on the beach. The flowers got a little fancier, the currency has changed (only shells of a particular kind - "zaagjes" - are accepted now) and so did the prices, but otherwise everything's still the same. K. and I had fun watching our little storekeepers. Though they're the kids of two economists, the law of supply and demand is still a complete mystery to them and so is price setting. Quite a few flowers changed owner at a price lower than what they initially paid. But overall they "did really well": they ended up with a nice collection of flowers (there were some really creative moms out there, if you ask me!) and a bucket full of shells... The flowers in the pictures above made up their initial homemade set...

Something refreshing for a hot day

ice cube necklace

I found the idea for these ice cube necklaces, at maya*made a while ago (here). Instead of flowers I used shells. I made them as a little surprise and in anticipation of the really hot weather that was in the forecast. They just loved it!! They're so easy to make - a five minute job, really. All you need is string, an ice cube tray, water and shells.


And then there were numerous sunsets, one every day to be precise. I didn't take pictures of every single one of them, for the simple reason I believe you cannot capture the beauty of a sun setting sky. And to be honest, I often have the feeling sunsets on postcards or in photographs become "cheesy" somehow.
So, I preferred to just watch them, with a few exceptions... Cheesy or not...

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