August 31, 2009

Summer fruits...

Reines Claudes
Reines Claudes

This was a summer of indulgence - at least that's what my balance is trying to tell me. Plus two kilo - about four and a half pounds! Nothing dramatically, I know, but I just can feel it - the excess sitting somewhere around the waist, I mean... And knowing myself too well: it will be hard to get rid of the excess fat. Too much ice cream for dessert over the past few weeks, I'm afraid, and too much of everything else too - it just came with the happy feeling of a good summer celebrated in good company.

Poires Williams

So, no more unhealthy desserts for me for a while. I'll just stick to yummy summer fruit instead: plums in all their varieties, nectarines and peaches (soon their season will be over...), pears, figs, grapes, red and green ... I just love the fruits (the end) of summer brings.

And: no Martha Stewart Rustic Plum Tart for me right now, though it used to be one of my favorite's at this time of the year... It's SO good!
So maybe YOU should just try it and let me know what it was like...


nicole/brussels said...

voor mij is het al lang geen " ijsjestijd " meer en hou ik me bij fruit, en nog eens fruit, vooral nu er zoveel keus is, echter voor niet lang meer! straks zijn er dan de lekkere peren, net gelezen dat het één van de gezondste fruitsoorten is samen met sinaasappels, bevatten beiden ook de meeste vezels, dus op vlak van diëten, beste keus! ( lijkt wel of ik voor testaankoop campagne voer ;-))

nicole/brussels said...

sorry, vergeten te zeggen dat de kleuren van de fruitkom en van de pruimen prachtig bij elkaar horen, mooie kleurcombinatie,goed gekozen dus!

Rie said...

Is the top photo a picture of Greengages? I haven't had a greengage in a long long time!

Pascale said...

Greengages they are! In French they're called Reines Claudes. They're SO good right now!

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