September 1, 2009

All things... red

September 1st... and sure enough: it rained today! The official end of summer? I hope not!

But, if it were, we're ready to face those first gray days ... with these:

lunch boxes

Red polka dotted lunch bags and fun bento lunch boxes, for both of my girls, ready to be taken to school on Thursday. We had the hardest time finding isotherm lunch bags - most French kids eat at "la cantine", the school restaurant, where they get a warm meal. Luckily, we found those and the bento boxes at "Les Fleurs"! And to avoid confusion, I made a small tag for each one of them, after my girls' own designs. Problem solved!

fun calendar

Isn't September traditionally the month of all things stationery? Not that I need an excuse to buy office supplies. I got this cute little calendar tin last July, while in Leuven. Pins, paper clips and rubber bands are hiding inside.

Along the same line, how about a red tin pencil case (mine! - the girls have one too!) featuring "Le Petit Nicolas". For those of you who don't know "Le Petit Nicolas", he's the main character in a series of bundled short, absolutely hilarious, stories written by Goscinny and illustrated by Sempé. Everything with "Le Petit Nicolas" on it, is a hype right now. Smart merchandising for the 50th anniversary with a new book release with unpublished stories earlier this year, a movie at the end of this month, and plenty of stationery items. I learned French through those books a long time ago and, now, I passed them on to my girls who love them too. A bit outdated maybe but still perfect bedtime stories! We've already marked our calendars for the movie!

Le Petit Nicolas

Next, something more grown up - hmm, or maybe not? I'm not quite sure, since I got this red leather jacket at a store where the average customer could be my daughter age-wise. I couldn't resist, though, at the bargain price of just 89 euros...

fancy leather jacket

The kitchen is next, with this cutting board, found today at our local supermarket. I haven't tried it yet, but I hope it works. If it doesn't: at least the color will cheer me up while cutting those onions...

Cutting board

And whether you like Coca Cola or not: don't you think this bottle is too darn cute to get recycled. I usually don't drink regular coke, only Zero (not that it is any healthier...), so I bought just one bottle because of how it looks...

Now, that will do on those first gray days of autumn, don't you think?!

Anything red (or any other color) in your life that cheers you up? Just wondering...
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