August 6, 2009

Up, là-haut...

I took the kids to the movie Up, yesterday, in an attempt to escape from the heat and also just because we wanted to see it. It's a little gem! The three of us loved it! And this girl here has been sobbing, not once but several times. A very touching movie with a clear message: it's never too late to follow those dreams... Need to bear that in mind more often!

Well, luckily drawing has never been one of my dreams. The picture above was made by - no, not one of the kids; they would have done a better job. It was made by me, with the Wacom Bamboo One drawing pad I bought a while ago and that has been collecting dust ever since...
I'm afraid it's just not for me... I had hoped to be able to retouch photographs with it or to be able to make small sketches (for my tutorials!) with it, but I can't seem to get proper control over that pen. Good thing H. likes it. She had a go at it several times and was pretty successful at it!

Now, In case you're interested in using this tool for retouching photographs, check out this link which I found through One Pretty Thing. You will find step by step instructions on how to touch up photographs using Photoshop and a Wacom tablet.
But for now, this girl is going to put her Wacom tablet right back where it was, a hidden dusty corner...


cindy said...

we loved that movie and cried several times, too. i like your drawing and don't think you should give UP!

virginia said...

oh, don't give up! it took me some time, but i absolutely love mine now.

one of the simplest things to do is open a new "file" in photoshop (6 X 6 blank page), and use the paintbucket to flood the 6 X 6 with a color.

next, click on the eraser icon, and use the eraser to draw doodles(by removing background color). if the doodle is one long swirl, without a break, you can choose another color, and "flood" the doodle with the paintbucket.

the eraser is easier to work with than the pen icon.

on my blog, many of the pieces labeled graphics, or graphics 2009, were done on the wacom. just click on the label.

there are many who will never master the "french" seam, but to you, it's second nature.

don't get discouraged, i have a son who taught me a few of these simple tricks...and he also taught me: EDIT, UNDO. much quicker than a seam ripper.

Pascale said...

Cindy and Virginia, you're too nice! ;))

Thanks for revealing your process, Virginia!! I so often wondered how you did those nice graphics. I sort of suspected there was some kind of a drawing pad involved. I really plan on trying this. It's actually somewhere at the top of my list now that I got a little insight in the technique! I'll keep you posted. Thanks!!

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