September 7, 2009

Like petals...

M.'s creation

This post is dedicated to my little girl M. and her latest creation: a wall hanging made out of petal-like pieces of fabric, strung to some natural colored flax string. This was her Saturday morning surprise for us, at breakfast. I just LOVE it! The choice of colors and fabric - the shape - the drape - the way it casts its shadow on the wall throughout the day... Just everything about it is perfect!

When I asked her where she she got the idea from she said "Well, that book of yours. I wanted to make something else, at first, but then I realized I didn't have enough fabric and I didn't want to bother you. So then, I got the idea to make this." She made it with some bits and pieces of fabric she still had in her little sewing box.

That book of mine - that's exactly why I bought it. That book of mine - is this one: "Paris: Made by hand" - Fifty shops where decorators, designers, and stylists source the chic & unique, by Pia Jane Bijkerk (ed. The Little Bookroom - New York - ISBN 978-1-892145-70-3). Though intended as a shopping guide this book is more than that. With its brilliant photography, to me (and to my oldest daughter it turns out) it's also a source of inspiration. An inspiration to create, and - this only applies to me - to make better photographs (maybe?, hopefully?). If you want to see or read more of Pia Jane Bijkerk, just check out her blog.

Paris: Made by hand

In the mean time, I'm off to look for a better spot for my new wall hanging... It needs a more prominent place as I think it's gorgeous!

Have a fun week, everyone!



Melissa said...

It really is lovely. Both of you should be proud. :)

nicole/brussels said...

wat een mooie attentie van die lieve M. voor haar mama, en dat ze zéér créatief is heeft ze al eens bewezen met een mooie kanten serviette ring ook gemaakt voor haar mama!
Mamie vindt het mooi , origineel en hou van de kleuren!

Ali said...

what a sweet girl! It must warm your heart seeing her gorgeous creativity!

Andrea, the collector said...

It IS beautiful. Don't you just love simply beautiful things? Hooray for her creativity!

Pascale said...

Thank you, everyone, for the nice compliments! They made M. - and me - really happy!

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