September 17, 2009

Paris je t'aime :: Vingt

No, it's not my age, my twenties are way behind me!

Vingt - Paris, is the name of a French blog (but written in English) I came across recently and which I love. Vingt - Paris (until recently known under the name "I V Y paris") "serves as a comprehensive hub for visual arts information and resources in Paris, nurturing our creative community through a series of art exhibitions and events.", as they describe themselves.
You'll find all sorts of information here about events, exhibitions, concerts, etc. but also lists - Vingt - hence the name.
Yesterday's list had the very promising title "20 French Sex Symbols (Les Hommes)". Have I been here long enough to know these men, I wondered. Well, it turns out I know some of them, beside the obvious like Alain Delon, Jean-Paul Belmondo (I don't agree!) and Sarko. There's Thierry Henry, the captain of "Les Blues", the French national soccer team, and yes, he's handsome (without the moustache, that is). His "les Blues" team mate Yoann Gourcuff sure is cute (and I'm not the only one to think so, just ask my girls about him). How about Serge Gainsbourg? I don't think he had the looks (he's been referred to as l'homme à la tête de chou (cabbage head)), but his voice and music definitely sound sexy. We've actually been listening a lot lately to his 1971 concept album Melodie Nelson. Very Gainsbourg, psychedelic, highly recommended. If you don't know this record, here it is

Anyone missing in that list? Well, I surely was surprised not to find Sebastien Chabal, one of the French team rugby players, in that list. After the 2007 Rugby World Cup, this man with the viking looks certainly was "hot" in France, with the Caron "Eau de Toilette pour un Homme" ad on every corner of the street, just to give one example.

There have been many other lists at "Vingt", but my favorite one is definitely the "20 Arnaques (rip-offs)" - with haircuts featuring at the top of the list, which makes me think they're "arnaque" at any place in the world. They were in California, at least.
I also particularly liked the "20 Expressions Françaises" , though I think the list is not complete. I might try to make a list of my own at some point.

And since we're talking about lists, yesterday as I watched 3 (!) episodes of Grey's Anatomy on French TV, I decided to make a list of my own. As you may know, in France every show on TV which isn't originally French, is dubbed. It took me about two and a half episodes of Grey's Anatomy, yesterday, to get used to the voice-over Patrick Dempsey (wasn't he considered really hot in the US a couple of years ago?) and Ellen Pompeo. The thing is Patrick Dempsey and Hugh Laurie (House MD) share the same voice-over, or that's what it feels like, which is VERY annoying. House MD, was actually another favorite show of ours, but just because of this dubbing thing we stopped watching it on French TV. His ranting simply doesn't have the same impact in French.

So here's my list - a random list of movie titles as you would find them here at the box office. I limited myself to just ten. As you will notice some of them get quite hilarious when translated back in English, others just give away the movie... I wonder why they keep doing this...

1. Jaws (1985) - Les dents de la mer - The teeth of the sea
2. Final Analysis (1991) - Sang Chaud pour meurtre sang froid - Warm blood for cold blooded murder
3. Lost in translation (2004) - Traduction infidèle (Canada) - Unfaithful Translation
4. From Dusk till Dawn (1996) - Une nuit en enfer - One night in hell
5. The Departed (2006) - Les infiltrés - The infiltrators
6. Cinderella men (2005) - De l'ombre à la lumière - from shade to light
7. The matrix (1999) - Les jeunes gens qui traversent les dimensions en portant des lunettes à soleil - The Young People Who Traverse Dimensions While Wearing Sunglasses - I can't believe this one's actually true, it must be a joke really, as I also found it as La matrice, which makes more sense...
8. Rebel without a cause (1955) - Fureur de vivre - the rage of living
9. Betrayed (1988) - La main droite du diable - the right hand of the devil
10. Dirty Harry - L'inspecteur Harry - Inspector Harry as opposed to Inspector Clouseau, Inspector Morse, Inspector Barnaby, ... I guess...
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