September 18, 2009

Beaufort03 :: revisited

I know, summer vacation is way behind us. School has started again. We've almost adjusted to the new routines. And as little H. announced this morning, next week will be the beginning of Fall. That's why I'd like to take you back to summer one more time. A tribute to what was a wonderful summer for us with family and friends...

I've mentioned the Beaufort03 art exhibit before and how much fun we had exploring it.
But I actually didn't show you any pictures of it, I realized. Last night, I went through my, vast by now, collection of pictures on my computer and I stumbled upon these: pictures of Aeneas Wilder's work. It was by far my favorite piece in the exhibit. It's a tall open wooden structure on the beach, shaped like a dome, a beehive, an upside-down basket, or whatever you'd like to call it. I found it magnificent, of an overwhelming beauty, ... The light play, the shadows, the different views on what's around, beyond, beneath, the airy feel, and yet the feeling of being protected. Well it's hard to express in words, so I hope the pictures will take care of it...


Wishing you a wonderful weekend!




Aeneas Wilder - Untitled #143
Beaufort03, Westende, Belgium
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