October 21, 2009

Blog anniversary... and a giveaway!!

blog anniversary giveaway

I can hardly believe it myself but today is // Between the lines //'s first anniversary. One year, 12 months, 365 days, and with today's post included, 182 posts!! Really, I never thought it would last that long...

So, to celebrate this special day and to say thanks to all of you who kept me going, today, there's a small giveaway, which includes:

- an A5 sketch book
- two cahiers d'écolier SEYES on recycled paper - now that I know what it is, a cahier SEYES, I'm happy to offer you a couple
- 5 postcards, from my Back-to-School series (printed at MOO's - did I tell you yet? MOO is great!) with matching black enveloppes
- a little card board binder, to keep the postcards and envelopes in

All you need to do, is leave a comment with what you liked most on this blog, what you'd like to see more of (or less), which one was your favorite post over the past year,... Any comment that can help me improve this blog is welcomed! You can do so until Sunday, October 25th, midnight CET (Paris, that is). The winner will be announced on Monday.

Thank you to ALL OF YOU for a year of fun and creativity and for keeping me inspired!!

What a journey it's been... Thanks!


Digital Misfit said...

Congrats on your blogoversary!
I love your tutorials. I have a couple of them bookmarked (I need more time in a day!). My favorite is the memo board. The new shopping tote tutorial below is also fabulous. I want to make one EXACTLY the same as that.
Keep up the fantastic blogging.


Joanna said...

Congratulations! You have a very great blog here, can't believe it's only 1 year old! My blog is only a bit over a month old.. I still have a lot of work to do!!

I love your tutorials, esp the new tote bag, simple and natural, my favourite style^0^ I'd love to see more tutorials, love the step-by-step instructions!

Keep blogging (*v*)/

Rie said...

What do I love about your blog.... well, I like the simple things - and your use of colours is amazing - cool, calm & soothing.

I love Moo too - your card designs are brilliant!

mon ami said...

what I love most is the aesthetic of this blog, so pretty.

and of course the amazing tutorials - thanks for sharing them

iheartmonami (at) gmail (dot) com

Kelly O. said...

congratulations! I must say I'm glad that you've made it this far because I really enjoy your blog. Of course your pictures are amazing but my favourite part is your writing style. You share yourself in every sentence. I love that it feels as though we're having a conversation when I read your blog. So comfy.
My favourite posts were your sewing posts. Particularly your baskets.


especially this one.
I really like your signature leather square style.
thanks for writing such a friendly blog.

RosaMaría said...

felicidades Pascale!!! i like your photos! in every post! they are so beautiful and i want to see more!!! i love your post about paris and your tutorials!! thanks for sharing!!!

betty said...

je découvre votre blog grâce à flickr et j'admire.
Bravo! vos photos sont belles, spécialement les gros-plans des simples objets.
je reviendrai...

Claudia said...

Ah, this sounds great. What do I like most? Well, I love all crafty things, so just to see what you make is very inspiring. Plus your tutorials which help to understand how you do things. Also I love to look at your photos, they are beautiful and I love your way of pure natural colouring. Myself I tend to be too bright therefore I can learn from your blog how soothing natural colours can be. Thank you and greetings!

nicole/brussels said...

hou van alles wat je tot nu toe gedaan heb, volg je vanaf het eerste uur, geniet er iedere dag van,eens te komen zien,"what's new today",zijn er mooie foto's, en tutorials? het meest hou ik nog van je schrijfstijl, het leest vlot, soms een beetje humor in verwerkt!
je blog is fijn en elegant, dus doe zo voort, kunnen we nog lang genieten.
en door jou blog heb ik andere " bloggers" ontdekt die ook de moeite waren om te volgen!
je giveaway is terug simpel en elegant!
and please more of your beautiful photos!

paula_lemos said...

Happy blog anniversary! Me too, I love your tutorials, they're so well explained. You make gorgeous things, thank you for the inspiration!
paula_lemos at vodafone dot pt

katevet said...

congrats! happy blogday!
I love your tutorial, so clear and inspirational :)
I'd love to see more of them, especially sewing-related.
Thank you for the time and love you put into the blog!

cindy said...

happy anniversary and such a fantastic, generous giveaway! i love your blog just the way it is with its mix of posts. your abstract photos are incredible and i'd love to see more of them in this space. here's to another year and another ... xo, c

ginger said...

congrats! i love your blog for the awesome tutorials, a look at life in france, and for sharing a peek into your lovely family. keep the beautiful images and ideas coming! thank you!

Rose said...

Congrats on your blog-iversary! I love your photography and story-telling most of all. But I also love the tutorials you share.

My favorite post so far is of your first day at school problem when you didn't have all the supplies your youngest needed. I remembered feeling like the worst mom ever when I brought my son to school and the pencils we purchased were not all sharpened like they were supposed to be. We did that two years in a row!

nan ran said...

Congratulations on your 1 year blogversary!!!! I just discovered you recently via Whip Up on your tutorial for your bag. Thank you for sharing that with us. I haven't had much time to look over everything, but I am drooling over all your bags. I am enjoying on your site.

luke and pamela said...

congrats! i love the classic simplicity, your style, and the tutorials!
i think i found you through sew mama sew (the giveaway) and saw the felted heart/wire mobile and fell in love. i haven't tried to make it yet, but it is on my list. thanks for sharing!

nicola@which name? said...

i admit, i am new to your blog, having just linked from whip up for your bag tutorial (love it!). i am adding you to my reader now! congratulations on one year!

Elsa said...

I am most impressed with your sharing your heart and life with your blog friends.
Love your blog and have been following it for some time. First found you when another blogger posted a tutorial of yours (don't remember when or who). When I came to it I knew it was one I wanted to follow.
Thank you for sharing your life!

britt said...

congrats!!! i am just getting ready to celebrate my 100th post with a giveaway as well and then i come over here to visit and see that you are having an anniversary! how awesome! well i would have to say i love tutorials. so continuing adding those. i just love to see how others make such beautiful things!!

DangAndBlast! said...

I like the feel of the whole thing -- just the mood you give to your posts. To pick a favorite post/favorite thing, this box was the niftiest thing ever :)

Anonymous said...

i like your blog because it looks simple and natural. i like linen fabric too so i'd love to see more your linen work. please!

thank YOU for fun and creativity and for keeping me inspired too!!

Casey said...

I've really enjoyed reading through all your tutorials, they are always so well written!

thanks for the fun giveaway

Laura said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! I am still in my first year of blogging and am finding it's hard to update it regularly but I am determined to continue (and hopefully get better!). I love reading your posts about Paris. I've visited once and hope to return - it's nice to hear about your experiences there. One of my favourite posts was about your daughter's school trip (the overnight/week long one). It was really interesting to hear about the schools in France. And of course, tutorials are always great, even if I don't get to try them all.

RuthiV said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!
I am only new to blogging but I am totally addicted to browsing other's blogs and yours is one of them :)
Your photography is fantastic. I am especially drawn to your use of natural tones with hints of colour in your tutorial projects and I am definitely going to make one of your shopping bags, always handy to have on the pram when you're out and about!

Amanda Pedro said...

Congrats on your anniversary!
I love everything about your blog... photos, stories, tutorials, learning about where you live.
thanks for sharing

blue moss said...

so hard to pick what i love most about your blog....
your stories of living in france...
the fabulous pictures...
and your tutorials
i love it all

Andrea, the collector said...

Congrats! How lovely to have your blogiversary!!!

Hmmmmm...what do I love best? I seeing your photos. You find such lovely perspectives. But the photos aren't what keeps me stopping by. I think it is story. What your life is like in France. The places you visit. The things you do with your family. Your thoughts. Those are the things I tend to connect with the most on blogs. Perhaps it is just the combination of beauty (photos, craftiness, discoveries) and journey (life stories) that I love!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! and thank you for this contest.

I love seeing the photos of Paris and surrounding areas. In January, I spent one night in Paris, to break up our flight from Casablanca to Paris and then Paris to Toronto. My friend and I stayed at a small hotel that was within walking distance of "the Tower". I ate a crepe in the street - Nutella and banana, bought tacky souvenirs and then had a wonderful meal at a restaurant called the "Franklin".

It was a beautiful evening and I really enjoy being reminded of it while reading your blog.

Thank you, and wishing you many more years of blogging,
Julie Andrea

Allison said...

congratulations! i love stopping by your blog and i really enjoy the tutorials. it is so interesting and inspiring to see how things are created.

Laurel said...

congrats on your blogoversary! There's an awful lot that I love about your blog - the tutorials, your photos, the way you describe things. but what i love most is the simplicity of the design of your blog, mixed in with the tutorials. love the peacefulness...

karen said...

Happy Anniversary and warm wishes for continued blog joy! I like everything you post on your blog, especially the tutorials for things like the braided fabric necklace, the wire nest and heart sculptures, and that little doll keychain/charm creation you made with a picture ironed onto fabric. These are things that I can (try to) make with my children too. What I remember most though are your personal posts, like your daughter lost at the beach or the passing of your grandmother. Those posts are deeply touching and connects so many of your readers. Your blog is a beautiful place to visit during our usual so-busy lives. Thank you!

girlnamedruby said...

love your blog. im trying to make the headband then the bag..

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