November 13, 2009

Paris, je t'aime... :: not to be missed

I'm exhausted, that's the least thing I can say. My brother came to visit us and for three days I was a tourist again in what's been our hometown for almost two-and-a-half years. Under the most pleasant Fall weather we walked miles and miles, talked and just enjoyed the city. And in between we visited a couple of exhibits.

On Thursday, I took my brother to the Centre Pompidou, to see the Soulages retrospective. If you happen to be in or plan a trip to Paris: this one's not to be missed! I highly (HIGHLY!) recommend the Soulages exhibit. His work is stunning, of a magnificent beauty and simplicity.

© © Adagp, Paris 2009 (photo found through ARTE)

© © Adagp, Paris 2009 (photo found through ARTE)

At the same venue and not be missed either is the exposition "La subversion des images - Surréalisme, photographie, film", which brings an overview of surrealist photography.

Man Ray : « Lee Miller's Neck ? », Paris 1929
© Man Ray Estate. All rights reserved. Lee Miller Archives, England 2009 / Man Ray Trust / Adagp, Paris 2009
(photo through the Centre Pompidou website)

And then there's the Photoquai Exhibit, Deuxième Biennale des images du monde, a photo exhibit in the open at the Quai Branly. But hurry up for this one as it ends October 22nd.

© Sanan Aleskerov Sitara au-dessus du ciel, Bakou, 2007 . Azerbaïdjan (photo through the Photoquai website)

Soulages, Centre Pompidou, Paris, October, 14th, 2009 - March 8th, 2010, entrance fee: 12 euros (covers visit of the entire museum)
La subversion des images, Centre Pompidou, Paris, September 23rd 2009 - January, 11th, 2010, entrance fee: 12 euros (covers visit of the entire museum)
Photoquai, Deuxième Biennale des images du monde, Quai Branly, Paris, September, 22nd - November, 22nd, 2009, entrance free


krys kirkpatrick said...

Beautiful pictures. Your blog is lovely. I can't wait to come back for a longer visit.

cindy said...

it looks terrific and i see how it inspires you. it's wonderful to be a tourist in your own town, especially when you're the tour guide for someone special. happy sunday!

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