November 5, 2009

Re-arranging the furniture

We have this thing, K. and I. Often when we come back from a trip, we feel the urge to start moving around furniture. Immediately, before any unpacking even. We've done this so many times. Drastic changes, like swapping around the entire setting. Or minor changes, like moving a couch or a rug.
We didn't move anything around after our last trip. There wasn't time for it, simply. K. had to return to the office right away. But something's in the air. We'll be re-arranging things here again some time soon. I can feel it.

When we got back, I of course immediately checked in to see how things were going here. And here too I felt something needed to change. I've changed the banner at least twenty times over the last couple of days, as some of you might have noticed - no, I didn't install a rotating banner in case you were wondering. It was just me who couldn't decide on what looked best. I also got rid of the excess of lines. I wanted a cleaner look. I threw out ballast. I'm even thinking of giving up the three-columns template (though I'm not sure on this one yet, as it took a lot of time and effort to get the three-column template to work).

I also went back to my other blog - my photography blog. It got neglected for quite a while. My last post dated back late September. But I'm not ready to give up on that one, even though it hardly gets any visitors (due to a lack of promotion on my behalf). So, there too I've re-arranged the furniture. I want to give it another try. I plan to post there again on a more regular basis. Same idea still: pictures and no or hardly any words. The words I'll keep for this blog here.
So, if you need some quietness, head over to // Between the lines // Photography, and maybe you'll find something there you'll like... Maybe?


Michele said...

Your photographs are beautiful - don't give up on that blog just yet! (I've added it to my RSS feed reader, so you can count on at least ONE other regular reader) :)

RosaMaría said...

i love your prhotographs!! your new banner is totally awesome!!

nicole/brussels said...

niet opgeven, zou zéér spijtig zijn, is iedere dag mijn eerste taak; checken wat voor iets nieuws te bekijken valt! mooie, soms grappige teksten, en prachtige foto's! so please don't give up!!

cindy said...

before we go on vacation, we have to completely clean and tidy up our apartment. well, i do. i kind of clean my way out the door.

i like way you've moved the furniture around here. the banner is great and i love your other blog, too.

Jacqui said...

I think changing a banner is probably the most difficult thing in blogging! I give big props to the bloggers who do it monthly, and with such style and inventiveness. I love your new one, it reflects your photographic style so nicely.

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