November 6, 2009

Flea market find

Yesterday afternoon I went to the flea and antiques market at La Bastille. Though the weather looked very promising in the morning, it was pouring by the time I hit the market. But it was fun nevertheless, except for the soaked shoes and cold feet the rest of the day.

I like flea markets, not necessarily to buy, but just to look. The reason I hardly ever buy things is because we don't have the space for even more stuff in our tiny apartment. And also because I'm simply not good at it - the bargaining I mean, and telling the good stuff from the junk (unless it's obvious, of course). But once in a while I discover something I really want. And that's exactly what happened yesterday when I found these hemp (chanvre in French) bags, once used for transporting wheat and flour. The guy selling them had a whole stack of them. All in the same natural oatmeal color, but all very different because of a different line pattern. Some even had initials embroidered on them. Though clearly used, they were in mint condition. Since I just got there I decided to wait and to continue my way through the market.
But I couldn't take these off my mind and I went back. I chose one with blue lines - just one! can you believe it?!- which took me some time as they all were gorgeous. (as I'm writing this I'm thinking of going back, maybe - don't tell K.!)

I'm not sure what I'll do with it. Sew some pillow covers for our couch at the seaside was the initial idea. It's really big so I could easily get two covers out of one bag. However, for now, I want to keep it as is and look at it, touch it, feel it.
Because, really, isn't this a great find?!

I just love the details: the hand stitched seams, the hemp string tied in a knot, the irregularities, the texture...

Check out here for another detail...
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