June 15, 2009

Some shade of blue

Last Saturday, there was a "vide grenier" (big garage sale event along the streets) not too far from where we live. I only found out about it when driving past it on our way to gym. The only time we took the car to go to gym - we usually go by bus - and no way I could park the car to go and have a look.

Vintage stapler

Well, I had to go back home anyway, because little H. was waiting for me to bring her to a birthday party - another one! I lost track of how many parties she went to exactly, but just over the past two months she got invited to at least one party every weekend... to the extent that she announced yesterday that she was growing tired of all the parties and needed a little break! She even agreed on having her own party postponed until September (her actual birthday is at the end of July)!

Vintage stapler

On my way back from drop-off at the birthday party, I decided to make a little detour to the vide-grenier - the only thing waiting for me at home was a big mess, as on Saturday morning, we decided to clean out our closets...
And I wanted to go check if the little pale blue vase that I had spotted from the car (traffic was slow...) was still there. Of course, I couldn't remember where I saw it. But instead, I fell for this guy: a pale blue (grayish blue? blueish gray? greenish blue? greenish gray?) vintage stapler. I didn't have high hopes when I asked for the price (they know their prices around here), but to my surprise the lady wanted a couple of euros only. I didn't have to think about that one for too long!

Vintage stapler

The nice thing about it is that it still works. Not that I actually really needed another stapler. We have quite a few. They're usually nowhere to be found when I need one, but that's a different story.

Vintage stapler

Today, I wiped it down a bit and had a closer look. I googled the information I found on the bottom and it turns out that it's from the 1950's - 1960's. Vintage, that is! French vintage!

I like the elegant design and the color, whatever its name is.
Not quite a vase, but still a nice find ...


RosaMaría said...

i'm agree with you: beautiful color. i think is a really cool find!

nicole/brussels said...

Mooi "spulletje" en de kleur vind ik mooi, een zachte tint" blauwgrijs"!Vintage spulletjes zijn dikwijls mooier dan de huidige ontwerpen, ik kan het weten, heb de "fifties"meegemaakt!Ik denk daarbij ook aan de mooie koelkasten, waren meer afgerond, niet zo'n hoekige zoals de huidige, buiten één merk dat die nu maakt,afgeronde vormen vind ik persoonlijk zachter!

Sherrin said...

gorgeous find, love the shape and colour.

mayaluna said...

I have almost the same one! Mine is more grey... I love the shade of yours. Mine is an original vintage Swingline (USA)... wish it was French!

cindy : quaint said...

i covet your stapler. it is wonderful. love the color!

blue moss said...

i LOve vintage staplers......what a wonderful find
(trying hard not to be jealous :)

Pascale said...

As soon as I'm done with all the paperwork (see to-do-list), and have cleared out some space I'll give it a special spot on the book shelf - I still believe it's beautiful! A great find indeed!! =)

Frank said...

Wow!! I collect art deco staplers. I have about 20. This one is new to me. It appears to be in mint condition. What a find...cherish it.

Muriel OK said...

And there it is "my stapler find" as well. I got my on ebay. Mine is no doubt about it green. Check out my blog about my EM 203. (I miss named it in my video).

Love the color of yours!

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