January 19, 2010


From left to right: Hand sanitizer - we used plenty of it lately; a vintage clothes hanger - the colors and print make me long for spring; my new leather jacket - a nice find as it was really cheap and it looks nice with yellow, I thought; M. painting last night.

Could it be I'm struggling with writer's block? Or is it just me hibernating? Not sure. But the last couple of days I find it really hard to sit down and blog. Unlike usually, I don't spend hours in a row on the computer. I'm even way behind with checking my favorite blogs, have plenty of e-mails and comments unanswered still. Sure, K.'s still at home, but it's not that I need to look after him like a baby. He's fine, even without my help. So, that's certainly not it.

I just have the feeling I have nothing to talk about right now. Instead, I want to DO stuff. Sew, make, create, go out and take pictures. There's one problem though: the ideas won't come or when I have ideas I can't seem to structure them. I still need to come up with something to make for my girls for Valentine's day, to name just one thing. Ever since they were little, I have this tradition of making something special for my girls, something personal. Last year, at this time of the year, the ideas just kept coming. That's when I wrote my first tutorials. If I go on like this you won't see a new tutorial any time soon, I'm afraid.

Maybe I'm just putting too much pressure on myself. Blogging is not a competition, is it? And is there a law which states you need to re-invent yourself over and over again? Not that I know of. I'm sure there are plenty of fun crafts and project ideas out there. So, why don't I just start by looking around in blogosphere. Have you come across any fun projects lately or some inspiring sites? Just drop me a line in the comments section!


cindy said...

having recently had a sick husband at home like you, it can be a distraction, even if they are independent. i did find it was harder to work when scott was home. that might be the block. i hope you will see soon enough.

i think your photos look fantastic! i love them all. the colors and tones. the yellow so happy. don't worry, your ideas will come. and, no, blogging is not to be a competition, but fun!

Andrea, the collector said...

Oh my goodness, I'm just peeking in here after a blogging-break. Pneumonia? How scary. Glad to hear he's home and ok.

I really believe there are cycles and rhythms of creativity, productivity. There are ebbs and flows. You'll find what's next when it is time. It's ok to let this time be what it is, blogging or not.

Blessings (and V-day inspiration) to all of you in your little home.

Anonymous said...

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nicole/brussels said...

bij mij geen comment in" code" taal;-)
alleen maar zeggen dat je foto's mooi zijn en idd. je grijs vestje met gele sjaal staat mooi samen wat kleur betreft!
en voor de rest; de inspiratie zal wel terug komen, je had ook zo veel te verwerken de laatste tijd, dus effen ontspannen en een goede raad; op een zonnige dag, gewoon met je camera op stap gaan en de rest komt vanzelf!


Same here - I just think there are times when you think you have nithing to share with blogland but even your post right now is something worth to read and write.

I'm lazy as well - or as a dear friend said: not finding time to be working on stuff like sewing and creating other things.

Blogging should not be a cometition, some breaks are doing good and while I painted and repainted our kitchen wall in red (not easy to find the right tone), trying to get our celler revnovated and organizing things, other things have to be put aside.

virginia said...

You're post-reacting to a serious life event, that's all, plus winter. Here's inspiration, and possibly ideas for Valentine's Day:






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