January 7, 2010

Needless needles?

Counting needles

I stripped our Christmas tree on Tuesday from all its ornaments and yesterday morning we escorted it to the park, where it will get mulched.
At home, just a couple of needles left here and there reminding us of the holidays. It must be January...

In the same post where I mentioned I was still debating whether to get a tree or not, I also mentioned we weren't sure whether we should get the flu-vaccine. Even though we eventually decided we would go get one, we still didn't do so, due to circumstances. And now, I'm afraid we might be too late. K. came down with what looks like a severe flu. I'm worried. I've never seen him this sick. I hope it's not the Mexican flu, not that this matters right now - I just want him to feel better soon...

Wrapping up
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